CASA Staff

Most teachers at CASA come from participating school districts. Our teachers bring extraordinary experiences with them. Several teachers are readers for the College Board Advanced Placement examinations, while other teachers are national conference leaders, courtroom artists, and college professors. One reason students choose to attend CASA is the exceptional teaching staff. Besides the high degree of expertise the teachers bring to the classroom, students have found a caring staff, willing to make sure they succeed in their coursework.

CASA Staff

  • Jennifer Pye Gebbie CASA Director

    Berkley Adult Transition Program Principal

  • Michelle Duesette-Young Secretary
  • David Bebeau Teacher

    AP French Language and Culture

  • Andrew Bruen Teacher

    AP Environmental Science

  • Tracy Burroughs Teacher

    AP Spanish Language and Culture

  • Elisabeth Ebisawa Teacher

    Japanese I
    Japanese II/Japanese III Independent Study

  • Todd Fadoir Teacher

    AP Calculus BC
    AP Statistics

  • Peter Haun Teacher

    Creative Composition, First Semester
    Practical Communication, Second Semester
    AP English Literature

  • Catherine Jasionowicz Teacher

    Astronomy 1st Semester
    Advanced Forensic Science: 2nd Semester
    AP Seminar/AP Research
    AP Physics C

  • Stella Johnstone Teacher

    AP Studio Art 2D

  • Judi Markowitz Teacher

    Ms. Judi Markowitz
    B and C Hour: Detroit Film Festival

  • Edwin McLeod Teacher

    Biology of Food
    Plagues & Pandemics, 1st Semester
    Invasive and Poisonous Species, 2nd Semester

  • Gayle Miller Teacher

    Religion, Hate, and Violence
    The 60's

  • Adina Rubenstein Teacher

    International Medicine
    Application of Genetics, 1st Semester
    Implications of Technology on Humanity, 2nd Semester

  • Gary Shea Teacher

    AP Psychology

  • Cassandra Smith Teacher

    AP Studio Art 3D

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  • Melissa Smith-Maurer Teacher


  • Jonathan Thomann Teacher

    AP Music Theory

  • Tracy Veresh Teacher

    AP Chemistry

  • Jan Whinham Teacher

    Advanced Dance

  • Sean Whitton Teacher

    Heroes and Villains