The Center for Advanced Studies and the Arts concept was born in the 1980's out of a desire to offer a larger variety of upper-level electives and Advanced Placement Classes for high schools with limited funding. Founding consortium districts, Berkley, Ferndale and Oak Park, began offering classes in 1983. At the time, four classes were offered with an enrollment of 35 students. The original CASA was housed in a building in the Oak Park school district.

  • In 1986, Madison School District joined the CASA consortium.
  • Clawson School District joined in 1987. By this time, 21 classes were offered to 280 students.
  • In 2001, Lamphere Schools joined CASA, bringing the total to six participating school districts. Enrollment ran between 300 - 350. Nineteen of the 41 courses offered at CASA were Advanced Placement classes.
  • In July, 2002, CASA moved to its new location. The current building was renovated to accommodate the needs of a high school program. Science rooms, computer rooms, art rooms, and another dance studio with changing room had to be placed in the 40,000-plus square foot facility. CASA is located in Oak Park in the former Jackson Elementary School on Rosewood Street and Oak Park Boulevard. This site is convenient to Route 696 and Woodward Avenue. Students may drive to CASA; however, bus transportation to and from CASA is also available and highly recommended as sometimes parking can be a challenge.
  • Pontiac joined CASA for the 2018-2019 school year as well, and we continue to change and expand our course offerings to meet students needs and interests.