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Attendance at CASA

Since CASA serves students from seven different sending districts, with seven different school calendars, we work to create our own CASA calendar that may, on occasion, differ from the students' home school schedule.  Students are expected to attend CASA when CASA is in session, even if their home district is closed.

Please Pay careful attention to the CASA calendar.  CASA Calendar dates are published in August, online, via email, on Instagram (@casa.soaring.above) and printed in the CASA Student Handbook.

Attending CASA

Please note a few important things about coming to CASA

All students must meet with their counselors at their home high schools before completing the on-line application.

For all classes: please be sure that you have completed the prerequisite classes and have the appropriate grades in those prerequisites before choosing a class. 

Please be sure to select a second choice class that you actually would like to take as sometimes students are not able to get their first choice due to enrollment restrictions. 

Students need to be aware that all classes at CASA, even those that are not Advanced Placement courses, require homework, reading and a high-level of engagement.

Special Requirements

There are special requirements for students interested in taking AP Art classes.

AP 2D,  AP 3D, AP Drawing, and Sculpture

All students interested in taking any form of art at CASA must submit a portfolio of 3-5 pieces of art showing a range of capabilities and subject, either in person or via email. Portfolios may be submitted to: catherine.jasionowicz@opsk12.org and they will be forwarded to the teachers.  Arrangements can be made to show art in person by calling 248-586-8860.